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Dermatology researchers study patient costs associated with chronic cutaneous ulcers

Researchers from the Department of Dermatology published an article on the financial burden of chronic cutaneous ulcers, which are associated with a wide variety of medical conditions, in the United States. The article, titled “Incremental Health Care Expenditure of Chronic Cutaneous Ulcers in the United States,” was published in JAMA Dermatology, a journal of the American Medical Association.

About the paper

Their research found that chronic cutaneous ulcers were associated with a large increase—$7,582—in annual health care expenditure. Expenses for patients with chronic cutaneous ulcers are increasing, particularly outpatient cost of care and prescription medication expenditure.

The researchers involved are:

  • Raghav Tripathi, medical and Master of Public Health student;
  • Konrad D. Knusel, medical student;
  • Harib H. Ezaldein, dermatology resident;
  • Jeremy S. Honaker, assistant professor of dermatology;
  • Jeremy S. Bordeaux, professor of dermatology; and
  • Jeffrey F. Scott, assistant professor of dermatology.

Read the article through the JAMA Network website.