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Department of Modern Languages and Literatures’ French section

The French section at Case Western Reserve, part of the Department of Modern Languages and Literature, offers courses and majors for undergraduate and graduate students, but is also earning praise for its new diploma options for those who want to work in the field of international relations.

French and Francophone Studies majors

Undergraduates at Case Western Reserve can major in French, with a focus on language, literature and culture, or French and Francophone Studies, with an interdisciplinary focus on the humanities, the arts, and the social sciences.
French and Francophone Studies majors typically plan their studies in preparation for graduate and professional schools or for careers in international business and finance, law, journalism, diplomatic service, nonprofit and other international organizations, health, teaching or the arts.

New exam center and diploma options

In fall 2018, the French section branched out to serve even more people who have a need for French skills in their careers with the opening of the International French for Specific Purposes Exam Center, made possible through a grant from the Eirik Borve Fund for Foreign Language Instruction. With the launch of the new center, the program offered a new course, French for Diplomacy and International Relations, for the first time last spring. Students can take the class in preparation for a diploma in French for Professions (DFP) International Relations B1, which is also issued through the university, Seven other exams can be taken through the test center for those who need proof of French language skills for either business or naturalization purposes.

The developments in the French section won the praise of the French Consul General of Chicago, Guillaume Lacroix, who visited the university several times in 2019, interacting with professors of the French section and the Center for International Affairs.

Lacroix recently stated: “Case Western [Reserve] has the most advanced ‘professional French’ program in the U.S. [The program is] an invaluable asset for business connections, internships and study abroad.”