Department of Astronomy honors retiring faculty members, staff member

The Department of Astronomy notes the retirement of three long-serving members, Prof. Earle Luck, Dr. Paul Harding, and Agnes Torontali. Prof. Luck is the Worcester R. and Cornelia B. Warner Professor of Astronomy, and has made major contributions to the measurement of the abundances of the chemical elements in stars, including mapping their distribution throughout the Milky Way. Dr. Harding is the Observatory Manager responsible for the successful operation of the Warner and Swasey Observatory on Kitt Peak in Arizona, winning last year’s Distinguished Service Award for his dedicated, long-term efforts. Agnes Torontali has been the Department Administrator for many years. She has contributed enormously to the department in countless ways, and including the mental well-being of its students, faculty, and staff. The contributions of all three are irreplaceable, and they will be sorely missed.