closeup of a volunteer giving food to someone in need

Dean of Students Office provides basic needs resource lists to support students; events planned for Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week

Did you know about three in five college students experience insecurity relating to basic needs like food, housing, water or safety? The Dean of Students Office recognizes that meeting basic needs has become more difficult for many students, and is committed to providing assistance and support.

According to a survey from the Hope Center, housing is a basic need that many students struggle to secure. Housing insecurity can affect individuals in many different ways, such as inability to pay rent, rent increases that are unaffordable, leaving a household due to safety, or moving three or more times a year.

Some students may also experience homelessness, which can look like temporarily living with a relative, friend, or couch surfing, temporarily living at a hotel without a permanent home to return to, living in areas or spaces not meant for human habitation, or living in a camper.

Basic needs insecurities often do not happen in a silo. Many students who are struggling with housing also have food, financial and other basic needs concerns.

To ensure every student has what they need, the Dean of Students Office has developed comprehensive basic needs resource lists covering a variety of needs including: child care and parenting, clothing and laundry, financial stability, furniture and household items, hygiene and cleaning, legal assistance, Medicaid, nutritious food, pets and emotional support animals (ESA), pregnancy and parenting, secure housing, tax preparation and filing assistance, transportation, and utilities.

If you have questions or would like support in navigating these resources, contact the Dean of Students Office at 216.368.1527 or at

Want to learn more about hunger and homelessness, what resources are available, or how you can take action? The Dean of Students Office, University Health and Counseling Services, the Office of Multicultural Affairs, the Center for Civic Engagement and Learning, and United Protestant Campus Ministries are hosting a series of events this week (Nov. 14–18) in honor of Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week—visit CampusGroups to see the full list of events.