Daniela Calvetti

Daniela Calvetti named a 2023 Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics Fellow

Daniela Calvetti

Daniela Calvetti, the James Wood Williamson Professor in Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Statistics, was one of only 26 candidates to receive a 2023 Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) Fellowship. This award is bestowed on less than 1% of the society’s members, and Calvetti is the first-ever recipient from Case Western Reserve.

“I am extremely honored to be a SIAM Fellow,” Calvetti said. “I am very proud to have been elected for both my research contributions and my mentoring activities, which is a very good summary of what I have aimed to achieve in my professional life.”

In announcing the award, SIAM cited her outstanding work on numerical linear algebra, Bayesian scientific computing, and inverse problems and applications.

Calvetti has been a member of SIAM for decades, and she has served the society in many roles. Most recently, she has been the program director of the SIAM Uncertainty Quantification activity group, and she was a co-chair of the SIAM Conference on Uncertainty Quantification. 

She has published three monographs with SIAM, in addition to numerous research articles.  

“Becoming a SIAM Fellow is one of the greatest honors I could ever imagine,” Calvetti said. “I am very grateful to all that SIAM has done to create an environment promoting dialogue and collaborations and to support students and younger researchers.”