performing dancing on a stage

Dance production: Imagatorium

The Department of Dance at Case Western Reserve University will host Imagatorium, the final production of the 2022–23 season, April 13–15.

The production will feature original works by second-year graduate students Chengyao Zhou and Joel K. Linebach, along with senior capstone projects by Mikayla Heinrich-Wong, Caleb Evans and Lauren Robinson. 

Tickets are $10 for general admission. No reservations are accepted. Get more information.

About the production

“Obscurum,” choreographed by Joel K. Linebach, examines and explores the reactions and dynamics of five dancers in an ever-changing environment of light and dark. As dancers emerge from the omnipresent darkness, they viscerally work to stay within the safety of light, to feel its warmth and repose, and to avoid the temptation of a malevolent unknown. This juxtaposition leaves open the question of the true meaning of light and dark.

Mikayla Heinrich-Wong’s “Kai Ko’o,” meaning strong sea, is an abstract work integrating projection and location-tracking technology to embody the juxtaposition of the experiences of the sea—experiences of renewal or reflection and moments of fierce chaos or overwhelming peace.

Set to vocal music by Carline Shaw, “Shall we drink a cup of tea before you leave” by Chengyao Zhou is an abstract contemporary impression of a tea ceremony with the quartet of dancers being hosts and guests alike. At the core of the traditional Sado tea ceremony is the idea of impermanence or the concept of a “once in a lifetime” moment. The ceremony host treats their guests with reverence and honor while the guests simultaneously reciprocate to create a harmonious atmosphere. Much like the Sado itself, the very nature of the live performance of this dance adds to the sense of “once in a lifetime opportunity” for the next performance will never be the same.

Lauren Robinson’s “No Bounds” is an emotional abstract ensemble work for six dancers. Set to and inspired by Philip Glass’ Einstein on the Beach, Robinson explores her personal adage that the secret of life is love and that searching for its existence in any situation can bring unity and peace.

Caleb Evans’ “Fianchetto” has movement inspired by the game of chess and rhythms derived from mathematics. The dance resembles a chess game in structure and in presentation while simultaneously adhering to the strict fundamentals of rhythm based on mathematics.