CWRU to test emergency communications networks March 10; check your contact info today

In order to ensure that we can communicate effectively with all members of the campus community in an emergency, the university will test its emergency communications systems Thursday, March 10, at approximately 10:30 a.m.

All messaging during this exercise will include the word “TEST.” If the message does not include the word “TEST,” please follow all instructions given. 

Members of the campus community who are signed up for Rave alerts will receive TEST messages via text, email and voice messaging (to office, home and mobile phones, as each user has set up in his/her Rave profile).

In addition to its Rave messaging, the university also will test its ability to use voice-over technology on office phones as well as the loud speakers on campus. The voice-over on office phones will project a message through Cisco phones’ speakers and will interrupt any calls you are on. Again, unless communicated otherwise, this is only a test.

The university is testing its emergency communications systems during spring break week so as to cause the least amount of disruption to classroom learning, while still ensuring faculty and staff in their offices are familiar with the voice-over technology on university landline phones.

To ensure you receive all communications in an emergency situation—including weather-related closings—log in to to make sure your information is up to date and a mobile phone number is affiliated with your account.

Questions? Contact Jason Goodrick, director of emergency management, at 216.368.4876 or, or Emily Mayock, executive director of online and internal communications, at 216.368.0521 or