Woman's hand turning off the light
Woman's hand on a light switch showing that she is turning off the power and electricity to conserve energy

CWRU to participate in one-hour electricity-reduction program test Aug. 2

The Office of Facilities Services will conduct a test next week of the university’s ability to respond to emergency electric grid events.

Together with the Medical Center Company, Case Western Reserve University is participating in a voluntary electricity-reduction program to help prevent massive electrical shutdowns, or “blackouts,” across the regional electric grid.

The one-hour test will take place Tuesday, Aug. 2, from 11 a.m. to noon.

For community members that are on campus, Facilities Services requests assistance in reducing demand by:

  • Turning off lights or window air conditioners in unoccupied spaces;
  • Turning off desk lamps, or turning on desk lamps and turning off overhead lights;
  • Running laptop computers on battery power, and turning off non-essential technology such as external monitors;
  • Unplugging all chargers that are not in use (for example: cell phones, laptops, iPads, etc.); and
  • Powering down computers, copiers and other electronic devices during lunch, and shutting off power strips.

There will be a minimal impact on the campus as a whole, as Facilities Services will operate select campus emergency generators in the Wolstein Research Building, Peter B. Lewis Building, Biomedical Research Building and Village at 115th. Central energy management systems may be used to adjust HVAC systems and turn off lighting in public areas. No changes will be made to normal ventilation in laboratory buildings.

Call customer service at 216.368.2580 with questions.