CWRU Psychology Clinic offers Pandemic Support Services

The CWRU Psychology Clinic has temporarily shifted to Pandemic Support Services in order to help anyone in need of help during the current coronavirus crisis. We are offering free telephone emotional support sessions to help people who have been adversely affected in one of several possible ways:

  1. The caller has a loved one who is currently in the hospital for the coronavirus, and family members have not been allowed hospital visitation.
  2. The caller has been recently bereaved by the coronavirus, and the bereavement process has been disrupted by the community lockdown.
  3. The caller works as a medical staff member or another type of “essential personnel” (e.g., police officer, EMT worker, postal carrier) and is worried about being infected on the job.
  4. The caller has recently lost their job because of the quarantine and has been struggling with the subsequent drop in income.
  5. The caller lives alone and has been feeling isolated during the quarantine.

Please contact our clinic by telephone and leave a message at: (216) 368-0719. Only the clinic staff will have access to these messages. Please leave your name, phone number, best times to call, and a your thoughts about how we can help.

Note: During the current pandemic, our clinic is NOT staffed to help people who might be struggling with alcohol or drug abuse, severe depression or suicidal tendencies, eating disorders, psychotic symptoms, or strong emotions triggered by recent or past traumatic events.