Felipe Gomez del Campo
Gomez del Campo

CWRU Entrepreneurship Speaker Series: “Building a Successful Startup at CWRU” with Felipe Gomez del Campo, founder and CEO of FGC Plasma Solutions

Join the Veale Institute for Entrepreneurship for a Case Western Reserve University Entrepreneurship Speaker Series roundtable discussion with Felipe Gomez del Campo (CWR ‘16), founder and CEO of FGC Plasma Solutions, on Aug. 4 at 1 p.m. via Zoom.

He will discuss founding a startup while at CWRU and his experience with entrepreneurship.

FGC Plasma Solutions commercializes technology to inject plasma into jet fuel, causing the fuel to burn more efficiently. Gomez del Campo began creating the technology behind FGC Plasma as part of a high school science fair project. While at Case Western Reserve, he refined his invention and began the process of commercializing it for his startup. Today, in addition to running FGC Plasma, he holds a visiting scientist appointment at MIT. In 2015, Gomez del Campo was recognized by Obama at a White House event highlighting the importance of investing in young entrepreneurs and was named to the 2016 Forbes 30 Under 30 in the energy category.

Maryann Veyon,who is pursuing her bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering, will facilitate the discussion. 

Register for the discussion through CampusGroups.

This roundtable and future roundtables will be broadcast through Facebook Live on the CWRU Veale Institute for Entrepreneurship’s Facebook page.