CWRU EMS to hold annual mass casualty incident drill Oct. 28; volunteers needed

Photo by Patrick S. Finnegan.

Case Western Reserve’s student-led Emergency Medical Services (EMS) will host its annual mass casualty incident drill on Sunday, Oct. 28, at 9 a.m. Much of the drill will take place around Nord Hall; members of the campus community are asked to inform their friends and colleagues of the drill.

A mass casualty incident is any accident or disaster that requires more resources than local departments have in order to handle the large number of patients. Catastrophic disasters are not always preventable, but they can be properly managed by the responders on the scene. To achieve an effective, collaborative response, emergency responders use the annual mass casualty incident drills to practice.

The goal of the drill is to create a realistic scenario that might be seen on campus, but on a large scale that requires university responders to reach beyond their resources. This drill allows Case Western Reserve EMS to communicate and coordinate with different types of agencies in the area to see what resources are available if necessary.

CWRU EMS seek volunteers to serve as patients during the drill. Volunteers will act as “victims” who will be suffering from a variety of injuries. People of all ages get hurt in an emergency, so everyone is encouraged to volunteer.

Anyone who would like to volunteer or would like more information should contact Shruti Sudhakar at