As orientation week winds down and students prepare for classes to begin Monday, we asked the university to give the Class of 2021 advice as they begin their college careers.

Even returning students, faculty and staff may find their tips helpful.

Here are some of our favorite answers:

  • “Allow yourself to love CWRU; allow yourself to be a proud SPARTAN!”
  • “Self-care is essential to enduring and surviving the stressors of college life. Remember, always set aside time to do things you enjoy, and try to get enough rest. You will need all the energy you can muster when midterms and finals come around!”
  • “Take advantage of the opportunities here on campus. There are so many things that the university provides that aren’t available after graduation—do your best to take advantage of them all!”
  • “Now is the time to step outside of your comfort zone and start making connections with the amazing people surrounding you. Introduce yourself to a stranger, give out compliments freely and often, and sit down next to someone random at Leutner [Commons].”
  • “Take advantage of the Writing Resource Center! It’s for all levels of writers, in all subjects, at all stages of writing projects.”

No matter how you choose to fill your undergraduate years at CWRU, we look forward to seeing all that you will accomplish.