CWRU building systems transitioning from heating to cooling

Throughout our campus, we have a variety of building heating and cooling systems. Largely, our heating systems turn on and off automatically at specific outside temperatures depending on the heat loads of the individual building. Chilled water is used to cool most buildings in the warmer months but must be drained in the winter to prevent the freezing of coils.

Once outside temperatures are predicted to stay consistently above 40°F, the Facilities Services maintenance team begins refilling the campus’ chilled water systems. This can take a few weeks to finish, so until it’s complete, indoor temps may feel warmer on days when outside air temp rises above 60°F. As individual systems are refilled, the facilities team is then able to provide cool indoor air when needed. And like the winter months, building heating systems will continue to come on automatically during periods of cooler weather.

Building temperature set points

During normal operating hours, building temperatures are targeted to fall between 68°F and 72°F for the heating season, and between 70°F and 74°F for the cooling season, in accordance with typical practices and to control humidity. Because normal operating hours vary throughout campus, we work directly with the respective facility directors to verify and validate operational hours.

Although the university tries to maintain spaces within these temperature ranges, occupants may experience temperatures a few degrees on either side of these set-point ranges depending on their location in the building and the time of year. As the university continues to invest in building control systems, it will be better able to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures throughout the year.

Contact information

If you find your area above 76°F in the summer (or below 66°F in the winter), please contact our Customer Service at 216.368.2580 or

For student residences, please contact your respective area office below or at

  • North Residential Village Wade Area Office at 216.368.1010
  • South Residential Village Fribley Area Office at 216.368.1011