CWRU Blue Book Club: Virtual conversation with Robert P. Madison

The CWRU Blue Book Club will launch with the selection of Designing Victory by Robert Madison (ARC ’48, HON ’04). Madison, the great-grandson of slaves, opened the first African American architectural firm in Ohio, and only the 10th in the country, in 1954. This was only the beginning of his many accomplishments and contributions to society—and the challenges he would overcome along the way.

Join the CWRU Blue Book Club in reading and discussing Designing Victory: The Architect Who Dared, Dreamed, and Achieved International Acclaim, a memoir by Robert P. Madison with Carlo Wolff. The book club will host a virtual conversation with Robert P. Madison Feb. 27 at 7 p.m. ET.
In the weeks leading up to the final event, join the CWRU Blue Book Club Community in CWRU Connect. Get more information.