Photo illustration of COVID-19 cells
Abs 2019-nCoV RNA virus - 3d rendered image on black background. Viral Infection concept. MERS-CoV, SARS-CoV, ТОРС, 2019-nCoV, Wuhan Coronavirus. Hologram SEM view.

CWRU-based journal Pathogens and Immunity commentary denounces accusations against former French Minister of Health Agnes Buzyn

A commentary appeared in the CWRU-based scientific journal Pathogens and Immunity on Dec. 29, asking: “Is France Once Again Looking for a Scapegoat?

Authored by an international panel of 20 distinguished scientists and organized by editor Michael Lederman, emeritus professor of pathology at CWRU, the authors examined the ongoing inquest by the controversial French Cour de Justice de la Republique. The inquest accuses former Minister of Health Dr. Agnes Buzyn of “endangering the lives of others” during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The authors of the commentary found evidence of Buzyn’s negligence unpersuasive.

They wondered whether the inquest reflected animus toward Emmanuel Macron and members of his party, the settling of political scores, resentment of powerful women, or the growing distrust and anger directed against scientists during this pandemic, which has seen public health officials and their families threatened by members of the public.