Photo of a person depositing an envelope into a ballot drop box

Cuyahoga County leads state in absentee ballot requests

Deadline to request absentee ballots is Tuesday, Aug. 1

Based on early voting, the Ohio Secretary of State’s office is reporting a dramatic increase in voter activity related to next month’s special election as compared to last August’s statewide primary.

So far, officials say, more than 155,000 voters have cast ballots—as compared to just under 30,000 around this time in 2022.

The state reports that boards of elections have mailed more than 167,000 absentee ballots; last year the figure was just under 73,000.

The proposed constitutional amendment known as Issue 1 is the only item on the ballot Aug. 8; it increases the requirements to change Ohio’s constitution through ballot initiatives. Those who plan to vote by absentee ballot next month must request one no later than 8:30 p.m., Monday Aug. 1.

Registered voters also have the option to cast ballots in person through 5 p.m., Sunday, Aug. 6. To find hours and locations for your county’s Board of Elections, visit this webpage of the Ohio Secretary of State’s website). 

(Please note: Those who wish to cast ballots in person—whether early or on Aug. 8—must be able to present identification that meets Ohio’s current requirements.)

Issue 1 is a proposed constitutional amendment that would increase the requirements to change Ohio’s constitution through ballot initiatives. The full text of the measure can be found on this page of the Ohio Secretary of State website

The Center for Civic Education and Learning has posted information on its website regarding voter eligibility, registration and participation in vote by mail.