Crews begin building temporary covered walkway today between A.W. Smith, Bingham buildings

To protect passersby during roof work on the A.W. Smith Building, crews today will begin putting up scaffolding and fencing around walkways adjacent to Smith and the Bingham buildings.

Campus Planning and Facilities Management asks that individuals who typically enter the Case Quad by walking between the A.W. Smith and Bingham buildings take alternate routes today through Monday, when the work to create covered pathways will be completed.

The tunnel-like walkways will include lighting throughout their length—beginning just south of Van Horn Field and west of Bingham, then running east-west between the two buildings, and finally heading north until pedestrians enter the Quad itself.

The interior of the entire path will include lighting, and its width will meet ADA requirements. The covered walkway will remain in place until the roof work is finished, roughly six weeks from now.