Crawford Hall’s main entrance to be closed 6-8 weeks for renovation project

Crawford Hall will undergo an exterior renovation beginning June 14 to upgrade the building’s main entrance. The project will include replacing podium pavers with concrete directly in front of the main entrance, upgrading the wheelchair ramp and entry steps leading to the podium level, and adding a snow melt system.

During the project, the main entrance and steps will be closed to all traffic; visitors and employees can enter and exit through the single door, automatic assist entry from the parking area under the building, S10. The door will be unlocked Monday–Friday at 7:30 a.m. and locked at 5:30 p.m. A secondary entry/exit will be the single door to the podium on the west side of the building on the first floor by the Sages Café. This door will remain unlocked the same days and hours as the S10 door. All other building entrances/exits will remain in service as currently programmed.

Routing signage will be placed around the building, and the security guard at the Visitor Information Center booth will provide directions on how to enter the building through S10.

The duration of the project will last six to eight weeks.