Contribute to the updated #YouAreWelcomeHereCWRU video by April 5

The Center for International Affairs is accepting submissions for the #YouAreWelcomeHereCWRU update through April 5.

Individuals can contribute to the Tomlinson Welcome Wall with a “Welcome Star” to be placed on the glass wall when you enter Tomlinson Hall, or be part of the updated #YouAreWelcomeHereCWRU video.

University community members can submit videos (a phone video is fine) to be included in the updated video.

Participants are encouraged to answer one of the following questions in their submitted videos:

  • Why is it important to you that all students feel welcome at CWRU?
  • What makes you feel welcome at CWRU?
  • Who makes you feel welcome at CWRU?
  • What’s the most inclusive thing about CWRU?
  • What diverse opportunities does CWRU offer?
  • What clubs/offices/organizations/teams welcome everyone?
  • What is something on campus that everyone could join?

For example, clips can be in the format of:

  • “We’re part of Greek Life and we are committed to inclusion,” or
  • “You are welcome here because CWRU appreciates your individuality!”

Campus community members also are encouraged to stop at the Center for International Affairs in Tomlinson Hall to fill out a “Welcome Star” to be added to the wall.

Email clips or photos of yourself or your group to

View the 2017 video.

Learn more about the campaign.