Contribute to the Vacation Donation Bank by Aug. 15

The Vacation Donation Bank is now open for donations through Aug. 15.

The Vacation Donation Bank program allows staff to contribute vacation days they don’t expect to use to a bank within their school or unit. Donated time will be available for use by employees who are taking unpaid medical leave during the 2024–25 fiscal year.

Who can donate vacation days? Staff employees who have successfully completed their 90-day orientation period and are in good standing (i.e. performance level of meets standards or better and are not in Positive Corrective Action nor have been in Positive Corrective Action in the past 12 months) may donate vacation days.

Employees who want to share part of their vacation time allotment should consider the number of days carefully. Once given, the days cannot be returned to the employee who donated the time. Employees cannot give more than 50% of their vacation time.
Why donate? Each school, as well as the university’s general operations (UGEN) unit, has its own bank. The ability for an ill individual to secure paid time off will depend on whether people in their school or unit actually donate days and whether any days are remaining at the time of the request.

The full policy can be found at the Vacation Donation Bank policy page.