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Connect with like-minded staff members through CampusGroups

Case Western Reserve University staff members are invited to join CaseCONNECT (formerly Admin Forum) by signing up on the Campus Groups page. The goal of this initiative is to bring together CWRU staff members for updates, training, information sharing, and the chance to interact with people from different campus departments in a safe, educational, inclusive, and transparent environment. All CWRU staff members can join the CampusGroups community in to get updates around campus, ask questions, share ideas, and positively support each other.

The transition to CampusGroups for updates and meeting invites will be gradual.

Each meeting is held via Zoom, recorded and posted to YouTube for future views and for those who are unable to attend the forum. All current members also receive the link.

Email Kathy Miller at kmiller@case.edu with ideas for upcoming meetings.

Join the CampusGroups community.