Computer science student and team present, win award at IndieCade game festival

billingsleySenior computer science major John Billingsley and his teammates from the University of Southern California presented their video game, “Close Your,” at an independent game festival in Los Angeles known as IndieCade.

Along with presenting, the game was nominated for and won the “Developer’s Choice Award,” which is the highest honor given at the event, Billingsley said.

The video game is a first-person fictional narrative about a person suffering from a severe form of memory loss and disorientation. The main mechanic of the game uses a webcam to track a user’s eyes, and advances the scenes whenever the user blinks.

In the future, Billingsley and his teammates plan to revise the game based on player feedback from IndieCade, and to submit to more festivals. They then intend to put the game on the Internet for all to download.

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