Complete annual Environmental Health and Safety retraining

Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) reminds members of the Case Western Reserve University community that it is time to renew their EHS safety retraining, which is an annual requirement for many classes.

Individuals should check their retraining status for the following classes: 

  • Biohazards with bloodborne pathogens
  • Lab standard (chemical safety)
  • Hazard communication
  • Radiation safety
  • Respiratory protection (including N95)
  • DOT/IATA/DRY ICE (biannual)
  • Laser safety (biannual)

Check your training status.

Has your job changed or are you doing something new? It is important to share this with EHS so the department can maintain accurate records.

EHS initial safety training is held with a live trainer. Sign up for a training session.

Additionally ahead of Halloween, those in lab settings are reminded that food and costumes are not permitted in laboratories. Contact EHS by email at or by phone at 216.368.2907 (biological/chemical safety) or 216.368.2906 (radiological/laser/x-ray).