“Climate Change and International Law at a Crossroad”

Glaciers and ice sheets are contracting at an alarming rate. Low lying coastal and island states face catastrophic flooding. The world’s great rivers and lakes are drying up, while climate migrants are pouring across borders. The School of Law will host a timely conference bringing together the foremost experts on international law and climate change. 

Titled “Climate Change and International Law at a Crossroad,” the conference will be held Sept. 28–29. 

Speakers will address questions such as:

  • How should the international community enforce the newly recognized human right to a healthy environment? 
  • Is “ecocide” a viable international crime? 
  • Are environmental migrants entitled to refugee status? 
  • Can corporations be sued for climate change? 

They also will discuss other salient law and policy issues at the heart of today’s climate crisis.

View the full agenda and register to attend the conference.