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Cleveland Clinic Respiratory Institute staff develop educational resources in preparation for workforce redeployment

To help caregivers across Cleveland Clinic prepare for the potential surge in COVID-19 cases, Respiratory Institute staff engaged and worked alongside a group of residents, fellows and students from Lerner College of Medicine, to develop key educational resources in preparation for workforce redeployment. The Cleveland Clinic Respiratory Institute teamed up with Cleveland Clinic Education Institute’s Office of Interprofessional Learning and cTEKI to build and deploy these resources at a rapid pace. The speed with which these resources were created and sheer quantity is remarkable and unprecedented.  

These caregivers worked collaboratively and with great alacrity to create innovative, quality materials for the sole purpose of preparing their colleagues to deliver the best care possible to patients with COVID-19.  The resource is a robust inventory includes evidence-based modules and quick reference guides that were created to inform best practices in the care of COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 patients in a variety of clinical settings. After launching the internal resources, the team looked outward and created an external site so that health care professionals—and patients—everywhere could benefit. 

The external site houses many of the same valuable resources, some translated into Spanish. The goal of this educational platform has been to help interprofessional and interdisciplinary teams, both within Cleveland Clinic and to a broad external audience, to standardize practices in the care of patients in this pandemic.