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Chemistry’s Yifan Dai, Chung Chiun Liu review electrochemical biosensing strategies

Yifan Dai, a PhD candidate in the Department of Chemistry, and Chung Chiun Liu the Wallace R. Persons Professor of Sensor Technology & Control, Distinguished University Professor, professor of chemical engineering and director of the Electronics Design Center, penned a review paper titled “Recent Advances on Electrochemical Biosensing Strategies toward Universal Point of Care Systems” for Angewandte Chemie, a journal of the German Chemical Society.

About the paper

A number of very recently developed electrochemical biosensing strategies are promoting these systems into practical point‐of‐care applications. The focus of research endeavors in the biosensing community has transferred from detection of a specific analyte to the development of general biosensing strategies that can be applied for a single category of analytes, such as nucleic acid, protein and cell. Developments in the field resolved critical challenges on the application of electrochemical biosensors to the practical point‐of‐care systems, such as rapid readout, simple biosensor fabrication method, ultra‐high detection sensitivity, direct analysis in complex biological matrix and multiplexed targets analysis. This review provides general guidelines both for scientists in the biosensing research community and for the biosensor industry on development of point‐of‐care system, benefiting global health care.

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