Illustration showing concept of an innovation ecosystem with people working on projects across several areas
Illustration by Adam Simpson.

Check out the stories in the latest edition of Think magazine

The 2018 fall/winter edition of Case Western Reserve University’s Think magazine is now available at numerous locations around campus, including in academic buildings and at the Tinkham Veale University Center.

The online version is a click away at

The magazine, published twice a year, offers intriguing, compelling and surprising stories about the university community—both on campus and beyond.

All the features in this issued focused on the university’s entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem.

The issue features:

The Ecosystem Edge

Illustration that demonstrates the various activities that take place in Sears think[box] with a floor-by-floor depiction
Illustration by Adam Simpson.
The university is cultivating an environment designed to educate, mentor, advise and elevate entrepreneurs and other creators.

Read “The Ecosystem Edge.”

Inside Sears think[box]

Peek into our illustration of the seven-story Larry Sears and Sally Zlotnick Sears think[box], an innovation center open to the campus community and the public. It is a focal point of the university’s entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem.

Read “Inside Sears think[box].”

Road Map to the Heart

Two graduate students turned entrepreneurs transformed a medical breakthrough from a lab project into a clinical tool. Years later, Medtronic bought the company they co-founded for $93 million.

Read “Road Map to the Heart.”

Sending Discoveries into the World

Faculty members are transforming research into consumer and clinical uses.

Read “Sending Discoveries into the World.”

Other stories include:

Meet New Provost Ben Vinson III

Provost Ben Vinson III walks across campus with two students
Students Adrian Hattan and Esmeralda Terrazas with Provost Ben Vinson. Photo by Matthew Lester.

A historian and former dean, he’s eager to tell the university’s larger story

Read the profile of Provost Ben Vinson III.

Core Mystery

What we know—and don’t—about what’s at the center of the Earth

Read “Core Mystery.”

Studying Difficult Conversations

Researchers examine how oncologists, patients and families connect—or don’t

Read “Studying Difficult Conversations.”

Sleep-Disordered Breathing

Study examines risk children face

Read “Sleep-Disordered Breathing.”

Protecting Speech

Photo taken behind protesters holding signs upNew law clinic defends First Amendment rights

Read “Protecting Speech.”

The Experience Economy Revisited

Why an acclaimed concept still resonates two decades later

Read “The Experience Economy Revisited.”

A Legacy of Activism

The African American Society turns 50

Read “A Legacy of Activism.”

Stories about alumni include:

Give Her Props

Foam heads created by Cassie Dorland (CWR ’10) and her team for production of Venus. Photos taken from a signature theatre video on YouTube about the creation of the heads.

Making illusions reality at NYC’s Signature Theatre

Read “Give Her Props.”

Making the Difficult Possible

Empowering communities in Africa

Read “Making the Difficult Possible.”

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