Photo of Mayor Justin Bibb sitting on a couch as he smiles looking off to the side
Photo by Matt Shiffler

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The 2022 spring/summer edition of Case Western Reserve’s Think magazine is available on campus and online at

The lead feature is on double alumnus and Cleveland Mayor Justin Bibb. Read about the lessons he learned while earning his JD/MBA degrees at Case Western Reserve, how he approaches his work leading the city and who he most admires.

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Photo of Kim Anderson
Kim Anderson
Photo credit: Roger Mastroianni

The features also include:

Righting Society’s Wrongs

Alumna Bhavani Raveendran’s passion for justice fuels her civil rights practice—and helped George Floyd’s family secure a historic settlement. Find out what she did.

Redefining Research

Neuroscientist Kim Anderson is on a quest to amplify the voices of people with spinal cord injuries. See what she’s doing.

Also read in the magazine about:

In Pursuit of the Public Good

New CWRU certificate programs provide tools for civic engagement and community benefit. Learn more about these offerings.

Photo of Sanjay Rajagopalan standing in front of scans of the brain
Sanjay Rajagopalan
Photo credit: Matt Shiffler

Powering Research and Leadership

Engineering’s Vipin Chaudhary is bringing an advanced computing system to campus and wants to democratize artificial intelligence. Read a Q&A with Chaudhary.

Heart of the Matter

Cardiologist Sanjay Rajagopalan highlights environmental factors that increase risks for heart disease—see how his research looks deeper.

Photo of School of Law students and instructor standing in a line in a greenhouse
Law students featured in “A Cooperative Arrangement.”
Photo credit: Matt Shiffler

Controlling the Pressure

Nurse researcher Carolyn Harmon Still uses mobile devices and counseling to help older Black Americans manage hypertension. Read about her work.

Care that Delivers

The dental school treats children in underserved families. Learn about the efforts.

A Cooperative Arrangement

A law student initiative is a model for urban economic development. Read about the students’ impact.

Photo of Simone Jelks making a call during an NBA game
Simone Jelks
Photo credit: NBA Photos/Getty Images

Advancing Careers

The Weatherhead School of Management’s Institute for Women in STEM and Manufacturing seeks to elevate women leaders—find out how.

A Guardian of the Game

Alumna Simone Jelks is the second Black woman to be a full-time NBA referee. Read her story.