The 2018 spring/summer edition of Case Western Reserve’s Think magazine is now available at numerous locations around campus, including in academic buildings and at the Tinkham Veale University Center.

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The magazine, published twice a year, offers intriguing, compelling and surprising stories about the university community—both on campus and beyond.

This issue features:

Alumna Sharon Bannister, featured in "Lives of Service" Photo by David Colwell

Alumna Sharon Bannister. Photo: David Colwell

Lives of Service

The Senate has confirmed alumna Sharon Bannister to be the top-ranked dentist in the U.S. Air Force, where she’s making a difference and feeling closer to the father she hardly knew.

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Fashioning History

Alumna Elaine Nichols (pictured at top), senior curator at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture, believes everyone has a story. This is hers.

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Law students Alton Oh (left) and Holger Sonntag (right) and Professor Laura McNally-Levine traveled to rural Kentucky to represent people on disability whose lives were upended by their lawyer's scam. Featured in "Seeking Justice" Photo: Michael F. McElroy

Law students Alton Oh (left) and Holger Sonntag (right) and Professor Laura McNally-Levine.
Photo: Michael F. McElroy

Seeking Justice

After a rural Kentucky Lawyer waged a massive disabilities scam, law school Professor Laura McNally-Levine and her students stepped up to help some of his former clients.

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Other stories include:

Fighting Disparities

Cancers hit certain populations harder than others, and researcher Monica Webb Hooper wants to know why

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Photo of Jacqueline Nanfito

Jacqueline Nanfito. Photo: Matt Shiffler

Amplifying Voices

Translations that broaden the reach of women writers

Read “Amplifying Voices.”

Easing the Burden

Providing coping strategies for families with technology-dependent children

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Featured in "When Robots Fly" Photo: Michael F. McElroy

Photo: Michael F. McElroy

When Robots Fly

From the improbable to the spectacular, a journey inspired by nature

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The Choices We Make

Behavioral economists help decipher the good, bad and purely confounding

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Stories about alumni include:

Driving Ambition

Alumnus helps animators bring cars—and other objects—to life

Read “Driving Ambition.”

Calming Messages

Alumna is the chief medical officer for a crisis text line that helps people cope

Read “Calming Messages.”

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