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Change coming to how email addresses are displayed in Webmail

This Friday, Oct. 27, the university will simplify how email addresses are displayed when composing and addressing a message in Webmail.

Currently, the “to” field in a Webmail window displays many possible combinations of your personal email aliases—the portion to the left of the “@” sign—and various domain aliases to the right of the “@” sign. The resulting list of addresses can be confusing for people trying to reach you and problematic for those with common names because there is not enough space in the email address drop-down list for more than one person’s addresses. As a result, messages often are misdirected.

With Friday’s change, only your email addresses with “” will be displayed. This will limit the number of addresses displayed for most people to only two choices, reducing confusion and allowing more individuals with common names to be displayed.

Even though only “” addresses will be displayed, all your previous combinations of email addresses will continue to deliver properly into your mailbox.

Want to make it even easier for someone to reach your email? Add a picture of yourself or something professional that easily identifies you to your Google account profile image.

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