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Center for International Affairs seeks video affirmations of #YouAreWelcomeHereCWRU

The #YouAreWelcomeHereCWRU campaign has been a way to showcase the university’s values of inclusiveness and diversity for more than three years. It began has part of the national #YouAreWelcomeHere movement to send a message to international students that U.S. campuses are welcoming, friendly, diverse and safe.

The Center for International Affairs brought the campaign to CWRU in February 2017, following the Executive Order that suspended immigration to the U.S. from seven countries. The Center wanted to reassure those directly impacted by the order and anyone with concerns about the order that CWRU is their home and they are always welcome.

As many of our international students have returned to their home countries in recent weeks, the Center for International Affairs is inviting all faculty, staff and students to help them remain connected to the CWRU community by recording short video messages for a new #YouAreWelcomeHereCWRU video.

You can describe what #YouAreWelcomeHereCWRU means to you, why you value being part of this community, share some words of encouragement and support for our international students, and/or make a #YouAreWelcomeHereCWRU sign and just say “you are welcome here CWRU.”

While we can’t physically be together on campus right now, we can all benefit from supporting one another as members of the CWRU community.

Video clips can be emailed to

2017 #YouAreWelcomeHereCWRU video