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Center for Community Health Integration’s Kurt Stange warns that COVID-19 doesn’t discriminate

Kurt Stange, Distinguished University Professor, wrote a piece for The Plain Dealer about the potential for prejudicial treatment of those who fall ill with COVID-19 symptoms based on age and gender information.

“As a family doctor and public health physician, I deal every day with trade-offs between individual and community needs. We need information on our collective risk and what we can do together and individually to reduce it,” Strange wrote. “It doesn’t help to chase for individual information that allows some to feel unjustifiably risk-free because they differ from the infected person next door. And we certainly don’t need to foment prejudicial treatment of individuals based on public perception of their risk status.”

Read the piece, “Reporting age- and gender-specific data of people who die of COVID-19 is unneeded, potentially prejudicial.”