Photo from behind of graduates' caps during commencement ceremony

Celebrating the Class of 2020: Members of the community share their messages for this year’s graduates

While members of the Case Western Reserve University community won’t be able to come together physically to celebrate commencement this year, we invited faculty, staff, students, family members and alumni to share their messages of encouragement and congratulations with the Class of 2020.

Some chose to honor the class as a whole, while others wanted to share their support of a specific group of students or a particular graduate.

The Daily is sharing their messages below.

Congratulations, Class of 2020!

Messages for all graduates

Congratulations on your graduation! Wish you all the best in your future endeavors!

– Sanjaya Gajurel

The world is at your fingertips…dream…try…do good…congratulations!

– Anand Kadambi, Dean’s Office (Research Administration – Engineering)

Congratulations to the Class of 2020! Cheers to exploring your path and finding something worth the pursuit.

– Angela Sloan

Messages for groups of students

School of Dental Medicine – group 7 graduates

Congratulations and well done. Your persistence and hard work is now rewarded. Keep up the learning for life. Best wishes.

– Mohsin Ali, clinical instructor preceptor

Spartan student-athletes

Congratulations to our outstanding seniors! Whether a varsity, club or intramural sport athlete, you brought us championships, record-setting performances and great pride! Good luck in your new journey. Go Spartans! #blueCWRU

– Amy Backus, director of athletics

Nardine Taleb, Jessica Kong and Gretchen Xue

To my three bambinas, congratulations on a job well done! I am so proud of you guys. #SpARLab4Life

– Lauren Calandruccio, professor and research mentor

FSNA 158, SAGES students

When we were together as a First Seminar SAGES class in those early days of your time at CWRU, I don’t think any of us could have envisioned a graduation quite like this one. While many of us may want to “NABC” this problem, implementing such a methodology to solve what you are going through would ring hollow. Please know how PROUD I am of you and the resilience you are developing as a result of this experience…and please know that each of you will be close to my heart during the graduation ceremony and as you embark on this next stage of life. Congratulations, CWRU grads!

– Lisa Camp, instructor

Communication Sciences graduate students

So proud of you all! I know you are all off to do amazing things!

– Angela Ciccia, associate professor

Majors/minors in psychology and majors/minors in communication sciences

Although I wanted to share your graduation day with you, I send you wishes for a wonderful future filled with happiness. My sincere congratulations and best wishes to you, and I hope to see you on the CWRU campus before too long!

– Heath Demaree, chair of the Department of Psychological Sciences

PSCL 394 capstone class

Congratulations to you all! Take time to celebrate and good luck with your next endeavors!

– Anastasia Dimitropoulos, Department of Psychological Sciences

Students in PSCL 392: Capstone in Positive Psychology and Character Strengths

Great job completing your capstone papers and presentations, everyone, especially under the extra-challenging conditions that we had in the second part of the semester! Thanks for being a part of our course, and happy graduation! With all best wishes, Dr. X

– Julie Exline, instructor of course

Mandel School CPSC cohort

Congratulations to an absolutely remarkable group of change agents! The absolute best part of this program has been learning from my fellow students on this path. Your passions, insights and talents will be of great service to our communities. Wishing you all well and cheering you on every step of the way!

– Bailey Fullwiler, cohort peer

All Mandel School graduates

Congratulations to each and every one of you! As you all join or further your commitment to the social work field, have faith and courage to recognize how much you offer our profession and communities. In all that we will face from barriers, challenges, successes and celebrations, know that you will always have peers on your team, walking this path with you. Best of luck in your future endeavors!

– Bailey Fullwiler, Mandel Student peer

Bioethics and Medical Humanities MA Degree

Cheers to the Bioethics and Medical Humanities class of 2020! I congratulate you on your accomplishments and earning your degree in unprecedented circumstances.  May the return on your investment in yourselves lead to fulfillment, achievement, and happiness!

– Marie Norris, coordinator graduate programs

Psychology majors

Congratulations to all of the psychology majors! We are so proud of you and know that you will go on to do amazing things!

– Amy Przeworski, Department of Psychological Sciences

Sarah Bingle, James Darnell, Mad Farnham, Julia Fleming, Marykate Ford, Calvin Gibson, Brianna Rees

Congratulations to the graduating Childhood Studies Minors! We applaud your dedication to the youngest members of our community and know you will impact future policies to protect their well-being. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors! With warmth and respect, The Schubert Center for Child Studies Team

– Schubert Center for Child Studies

Law students

Congratulations class of 2020! Although you never imagined your law school career ending the way it did, you all made the most of it and plunged on ahead to finish your degree. I wish you all the best of luck in your future endeavors, whatever this new future will hold for us all. Best wishes and take care!

– Jennifer Smith, law library assistant at circulation desk

Mandel School Intensive Weekend students

Congrats to the IW cohort from the Mandel School. We’ve survived the last three years of classes and made lasting friendships. Wishing all of you all the best!

– Jenifer Stevens, student

CWRU swimming seniors

Congratulations on graduating and we cannot wait to see what you accomplish! We will miss you all so much!

– Your teammates

Messages for individuals

Ahmid Aboshoushah

I’m so proud of you husband ❤ Can’t wait to see you. 

– Ghdeer Tariq Ureiga

Ridaa Z. Ali

Congratulations and well done. Your hard work, learning attitude, and caring nature is very well appreciated. Best wishes for your future endeavors.

– Mohsin Ali

Alison Athey

ConGRADulations, Alison! I hope you’ve all been well and able to stay safe and healthy during this time. Thank you so much for all your help and support during our shared time at Case Western Reserve. Wishing you all the best for the future.

– Liliana Varman

Julia Barnes

CONGRATULATIONS, JULIA! I’m so proud of you and I can’t wait for more memories in Cleveland next year! Love you lots biggie 🙂

– Hannah Robinson, her little in Phi Mu

Morgan Beaver

Morgan, I feel so so lucky to be your little. You have achieved so much during your time here on campus, and I’m so excited to see where you go from here. Your heart and strength inspire me everyday. I love you and good luck!

– CJ Hill, her sorority little

Leslie Castaneda

I am so very proud of your accomplishments, Leslie! You did it, two master’s degrees in public health and bioethics. I cannot wait to see where you go and who you help, but I know those people will be so lucky! Congratulations!

– Kaitlynn Craig, best friend

Sharon Chen

ConGRADulations, Sharon! I hope you’ve been loving your new job and staying healthy. Best wishes for the future and thanks for all your help.

– Liliana Varman, lab RA

Tucker Click

Your dedication and perseverance these last four years has been admirable. We are so proud of you and know that you have a great foundation to build upon in the years to come! May your ongoing journey be satisfying and full of growth and fun! Love you, Mom and Dad

– Elizabeth Click, parent

Savannah Conner

All those long nights and hardly work paid off! I am so proud of you! If you put your mind to something, you go and get it! Congratulations! Can’t wait to finally get home and celebrate!

– Corey Conner, husband

Jacqueline Diaz

My dearest Jackie. I am writing this from the spot where I chose suite 212 in Smith that already had one occupant (you). We have grown so much together throughout school and I’m just so grateful you are in my life. You make the world a better place. So proud of you. Lmk how it is on the other side. 😉 <3

– Ginny Behmer, best friend

Timothy Fry

Congratulations on receiving the Puckett Award for Outstanding Achievement in Anthropology!

– Cynthia Beall, major advisor

Mary Gentile

Congratulations, Mary! We are so proud of you! Good luck at Pitt next year. You are going to do great!

– Lauren Calandruccio, professor

Varun Gupta

To the future Dr. Gupta. I am so proud of you! Congratulations on getting into medical school. I will miss you. #SpARLab4Life baby!

– Lauren Calandruccio, research mentor

Rachel Hamilton


– Tori Hamilton, sister

Jacob Hawthorne

Congrats on graduating from CWRU. I am so proud of your hard work and in the man that you have become over the past four years. From the first time that I brought to campus when you were in the 8th grade to today, you have been loved and encouraged to grow as a person and experience college to the fullest. Good luck in graduate school and what life as for you in the future. Love Dad

– Wayne Hawthorne, dad

Lauren Huang

CONGRATULATIONS LAUREN! I am so excited for what you’re off to next and was super encouraged by your speech at Epic’s senior night. Thank you for reminding us all that God gives us what we need, not necessarily what we want. I hope that you’re not dying of boba cravings now. ((;

– Hannah Xu, Epic Fellowship

Ebony John

I did not have a chance to thank you for your enthusiasm and optimistic attitude regarding helping fellow students in the bioethics department this school year. Although everyone was very busy with studies, you went above and beyond, encouraging students to join activities as you demonstrated your belief in the importance of inclusion and positive student life.  Congratulations, and keep that positive attitude!

– Marie Norris, Department of Bioethics

Konrad Katterle

Dear Konrad, I wish you great success in your future life! May all your dreams come true!

– Tatiana Zilotina, Russian instructor

Michael J. King

Congratulations, Dr. King! Looking forward to learning about the great things you will do. Thanks for always being a stand-up guy and a team player. Best of luck in your future.

– Lauren Calandruccio, professor

Congratulations, Michael! We are all wishing you the best. You have left your mark on our program.

– DCAS Program

Thank you for being my first PhD student! A PhD is a major accomplishment and yours was well-deserved. You are a great researcher and will be amazing in your new job. Can’t wait for the hooding ceremony in October. Hood and sword to be bestowed.

– Brooke Macnamara, PhD advisor

Zach Lanford

Kudos to you, Zach! Congratulations on finishing your education at CWRU! It was fun living with you throughout this academic year. God Speed!

– Bill Ding, roommate and friend

Amanda Lawrence and the Class of 2020

Class of 2020:”Let this quote by Gabrielle Giffords guide you on the journey ahead: “Be Bold, Be Courageous, Be Your Best.” We know that you will make the change that the world needs! XOXO

– Bridget and Peter Lawrence, parents of Amanda Lawrence

Giancarlo Lisciani

Congratulations; you are such an inspiration! Keep on making a difference, King.

– Charlee Thomas, friend and classmate

Derrick Liu

Dear Derrick, congratulations on finishing your undergraduate career at CWRU! Your future is bright and amazing! Looking forward to living with you next year, and hearing your fantastic stories from your master’s education!

– Bill Ding, friend and upcoming roommate

Aaron Mann

Congratulations, Aaron, we are very proud of your accomplishments. The Very Best. Grandfather and Grandmother Mann

– Jay Mann, emeritus professor chemical and biomolecular engineering, CWRU

Emma McCann

Congratulations on receiving the Callendar Award for Outstanding Achievement in Anthropology!

– Cynthia Beall, major advisor

Saisha Nayak

ConGRADulations, Saisha! I hope you’ve been well and staying safe and healthy during this time. Wishing you all the best for the future and I hope you’re able to celebrate your accomplishments today.

– Liliana Varman, lab RA

Vanessa Pasadyn

Vanessa, we are so proud of you! From a 4.0 GPA, to leading your varsity cross country team as captain, to pursuing your pre-med goals, you’ve shown us how well-rounded and driven you are! You’ve always been level-headed, observant, and patient. Good luck at med school! We love you!

– Family of Vanessa

Margarid Turnamian

Congratulations Margarid! We are so happy to have had you in the lab these last few years! We are so proud of you and know that you have an amazing career ahead of you!

– Amy Przeworski, research advisor

Sruthi Venkatachalam

Sruthi, congratulations for all of your amazing accomplishments while here at CWRU. You have been such a role model and mentor to me through Model UN, classes, and tour guiding—thank you. You’re going to accomplish such great things in the future! Shine bright and be sure to visit us!

– Jason Guo, CWRUMUN

Jeremy Wall

Dear Jeremy, May all your dreams come true! Here is a poem by Bunin for you:

О счастье мы всегда лишь вспоминаем.
А счастье всюду. Может быть, оно —
Вот этот сад осенний за сараем
И чистый воздух, льющийся в окно.
День вечереет, небо опустело…
Я вижу, слышу, счастлив. Все во мне.

– Tatiana Zilotina, Russian instructor

Callie Wang

Congratulations Callie! We are so proud of you and have been so lucky to work with you in the lab! We are so excited for your next adventure at McLean!

– Amy Przeworski, research advisor

Gabby Watson

Congratulations to Gabby Watson on your graduation and successful completion of your externship at Birthing Beautiful Communities! The women with whom you worked were well-served by your dedication, compassion and thoughtfulness. Best wishes to you for success in all you do!

– Schubert Center for Child Studies

Julia Wright

Congrats, Julia! Wishing you the best!

– Christal Crosby