Photo taken from the ground looking up at Adelbert Hall's quad entrance

Celebrating 200 years: Seeking nominations to tell the story of Case Western Reserve

No matter how long they spend at Case Western Reserve, students, faculty and staff capture and retain vivid memories of the people, places and things that define their time here. Taken together, these memories tell a story that covers nearly two centuries: the history of Case Western Reserve University.

As the university prepares for the celebration of its bicentennial in 2026, we call on you—students, alumni, friends, neighbors, faculty and staff—to join us in telling that story.

From now until July 12, the university’s bicentennial committee will be soliciting recommendations for a memoir that tells the story of the past 200 years—highlighting the most influential people, places and things who made the most significant impact at our institution and set it on a course for the future. 

Were there exceptional educators who made a transformative difference in your life? Was there a location on campus that was central to your time here? Are there groups of shared experiences or things—cultural, geographical, architectural—that when taken together, stand out on their own. Have there been individuals who left a mark on the university so profound that failing to call them out would render this story incomplete? 

To share your memories and offer recommendations on how this story is told, please take a moment to fill out the Bicentennial Nomination Form. Then, join us in the months ahead as we reveal details about how we’ll mark this historic occasion.

If you have questions about the university’s bicentennial, please contact Lia Arbogast, director of legacy programs at