Celebrate the 100th anniversary of the theory of relativity at TEDxCLESalon event

TEDxCLESalon logoJoin Case Western Reserve University, the Institute for the Science of Origins, TEDxCLE and the City Club of Cleveland to celebrate and discuss the accomplishments of Albert Einstein for TEDxCLESalon.

The event will be held Friday, Nov. 20, from 12:30 to 6:45 p.m. at the Tinkham Veale University Center. The event will celebrate the 100th anniversary of Albert Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity.

The TEDxCLESalon program will be a hands-on, interactive experience with dialogue opportunities.

The City Club of Cleveland’s Friday Forum will kick off the event.

Speakers for this event will be:

  • Evalyn Gates, executive director and CEO of the Cleveland Museum of Natural History
  • Glenn Starkman, professor of physics and of astronomy and director of the Institute for the Science of Origins at Case Western Reserve University
  • Paul Steinhardt, the Einstein Professor of Physics at Princeton University
  • Ruth Gregory, professor of physics at University of Durham
  • Nergis Malvalvala, the Kathleen Marble Professor of Astrophysics at MIT
  • Claudia de Rham, the Baldwin Assistant Professor of Physics
  • Stacy McGaugh, professor of astronomy at Case Western Reserve
  • John Ruhl, the Connecticut Professor of Physics at Case Western Reserve

General admission tickets are $45. To purchase tickets, call 216.368.2090 or visit TEDxCLE.com/tickets. Student tickets are available for $25 at tedxclesalonstud.eventbrite.com.

All tickets include admission to the conference, the City Club Friday Forum and Salon breakout sessions.

For more information including details and directions, visit TEDxCLE.com.