Computational imaging/Madabhushi team takes home honors at SPIE Medical Imaging 2014

Anant Madabhushi
Anant Madabhushi, senior author on the study

A Center of Computational Imaging and Personalized Diagnostics (CCIPD) team and group led by Anant Madabhushi won four awards for different papers presented at the SPIE Medical Imaging 2014 meeting in San Diego, Feb. 15-19. SPIE is an international society advancing an interdisciplinary approach to the science and application of light.

Geert Litjens, a former visiting graduate student at CCIPD, was awarded runner-up for the Robert F Wagner Best Student paper at SPIE Medical Imaging for his manuscript titled “Distinguishing benign confounding treatment changes from residual prostate cancer on MRI following laser ablation.” Anant Madabhushi, associate professor of biomedical engineering and member of the Case Comprehensive Cancer Center, was the senior author on the study, which also included Robin Elliot from the Case Institute of Pathology and Satish Viswanath, research assistant professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering.

Eileen Hwang, a former visiting undergraduate student at CCIPD, won the Cum Laude Award for her poster “Spectral embedding based registration (SERg) aligning multimodal prostate histology and MRI.” Madabhushi was the senior author on this study, which also included post-doctoral fellow Mirabela Rusu.

Pallavi Tiwari, research assistant professor of biomedical engineering, won an honorable mention award for her poster entitled “Computerized image analysis for texture descriptors in multi-parametric MRI to distinguish recurrent brain tumors from radiation necrosis.” Madabhushi was the senior author on this study, which also included Prateek Prasanna, graduate student in the Department of Biomedical Engineering, along with Case Comprehensive Cancer Center members Lisa Rogers, Mark Cohen, Leo Wolansky and Andrew Sloan.

Tiwari and Madabhushi also won the Cum Laude Award for her poster “Identifying MRI markers to evaluate early treatment-related changes post-laser ablation for cancer pain management.” This work was done jointly with Shabbar Danish at Rutgers University.