Render of the View from Sears Looking North
Rendering of the view from Sears Building looking north

Case Quad renovations to provide new safety features, pedestrian amenities and environmental benefits

Greater Wi-Fi capabilities, more security cameras, new site furniture and enhanced lighting are only a few of the upgrades that the campus community can expect once renovations begin on Case Quad next week. With construction set to start May 16, the renovated quad is the latest project of the university’s Department of Planning, Design and Construction.

“We are increasing security on the quad by adding more cameras and better lighting, as well as more pedestrian seating while still preserving the lawn area for student activities,” said Christopher Panichi, the department’s director. “There will also be a new area that will support a tent or other structure for events.”

The university can expect environmental benefits from this project as well: More trees will be added to the quad’s canopy and new plantings will be placed along building edges. Additionally, renovation plans include reducing impervious surfaces to better allow for storm water drainage.

Due to this renovation, there will be very limited access to the quad from May 16 through early August. However, all buildings facing the construction zone will have alternate access through at least one secondary entrance for individuals still on campus over the summer.

An architectural drawing of the site plan for Case Quad, which includes areas marked with numbers denoting art opportunity, donor recognition opportunity, student activity area, enhanced planting and bike racks
The site plan includes spaces for art, student activities, bike racks and more.

Southside building access could prove to be a challenge, but project plans include a temporary walkway to enter Wickenden Building and Sears Building, while Nord Hall can then be accessed through Sears. Emergency access will be maintained and signage will be posted for access and wayfinding. Download the map that explains the alternate access points and pathways.

All hardscape construction, such as the upcoming pedestrian-friendly concrete walkways and pavers, will be completed by early August. The rest of the project work will continue throughout the fall semester, wrapping up in the spring of 2023; this work should not be as disruptive as it will be completed in smaller areas so that campus access can be maintained.