Case Quad becomes pedestrian traffic only; bikes, scooters, skateboards, etc. must be dismounted

At Case Western University, safety is our top priority. While students, faculty, and staff enjoy various means of transportation to, on, and around campus, wheeled recreational transportation devices can present increased safety risks to pedestrians in certain areas of campus. 

In an effort to balance the use of innovative means of transportation and pedestrian safety, effective immediately, the Case Quad is reserved for pedestrian traffic only along with users of wheelchairs and other assistive devices. Wheeled recreational transportation devices (manual and electric), including but not limited to bicycles, scooters, rollerblades, rollerskates, and skateboards must not be operated on the Case Quad. Users must dismount when entering the area. Devices must be parked at bike racks.

Dismount zone signs will be posted around the quad beginning the first week of classes.

Additionally, the university will activate geofencing for the Case Quad, meaning that e-scooters will slow and then stop as you enter the geofencing area. 

The university also recommends users of wheeled recreational transportation devices wear helmets. Free helmets are available at the Office of Public Safety (1689 E. 115th St.). 

Thank you in advance for your help to create a safer campus community!