Case Comprehensive Cancer Center to host event featuring VeloSano pilot award recipients

The Case Comprehensive Cancer Center is hosting is quarterly scientific series Monday, June 4 from 5-7pm in the Iris S. and Bert L. Wolstein Research Building auditorium. The program will feature updates from recipients of VeloSano pilot awards. Presentations will be followed by a reception.

  • Mark Jackson, PhD: “A high-throughput screen for inhibitors of cancer stem cell plasticity”
  • Julian Kim, MD: “Development of intravenously injectable β-glucan treatment for regulating granulocytic myeloid-derived suppressive cells”
  • Shigemi Matsuyama, PhD: “Development of new type of therapeutics selectively targeting Bax or Bak”
  • Alvin Schmaier, MD: “Tyrosine kinase inhibitors and cardiovascular events in CML”
  • Andrew Sloan, MD: “Hematologic biomarkers of treatment response & recurrence in patients with glioblastoma”
  • Zhenghe John Wang, PhD: “Develop GPT2 inhibitors to target PI3KCA-mutated colorectal cancers”
  • Youwei Zhang, PhD: “Roles of UbcH7 in tumorigenesis and therapy response”
  • Lan Zhou, MD, PhD: “Mediates immune-suppressive microenvironment in serrated pathway of colon carcinogenesis”

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