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Canvas releases new Post Policies process to release grades and feedback to students

In July 2019, Canvas released the new Post Policies process to release grades and feedback to students. This change redefines how grades are made available to students and how instructors can hide grades in Canvas’ New Gradebook.

The Post Policies process allows instructors to automatically or manually release grades or comments back to all students, or to individual sections of a course. The new process was designed to replace muting grades and other grade change policies from the old Gradebook system. The default settings of this new feature behave identically to the old Gradebook, but offer more flexibility when it comes to making grades available to students.

For a quick explanation of the changes, watch the New Gradebook Post Policies Demo video.

For more information, including resources and more detailed instructions on how to use the Post Policies process, see the Post Policies resources page.

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