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Campus users urged to reduce Zoom-related telephone charges

The COVID-19 crisis has dramatically increased Zoom usage on campus, causing an unanticipated surge in Zoom-related phone charges. Toll-free and Call Out/Call Me minutes used in Zoom meetings are billed back to the university.

In an effort to control costs, UTech will remove the toll-free number from most Zoom meeting notices starting Saturday, March 28. The toll-free number listed in meetings scheduled before March 28 will continue to work. If you need a toll free number included in a Zoom meeting, contact the UTech Service Desk at 216.368.4357 or help@case.edu to learn how to add the number back into a meeting.

Whenever possible, please use computer audio to connect to the audio portion of a meeting and, if you must call in, use a toll number instead of toll free. Keep in mind often there is no additional charge to you for using the toll phone numbers, as most cell phone and many landline plans have unlimited talk minutes. However, using the Zoom toll-free number will always incur additional charges for the university.

UTech will also be removing “Call Out/Call Me” as a feature that is on by default for campus Zoom users starting Saturday, March 28. Computer audio and call in via phone will still be options. If you feel that “Call Out/Call Me” is an important feature for your meetings due to your particular use of Zoom, please contact the UTech Service Desk at 216.368.4357 or help@case.edu to request an exception.