Close-up photo showing an individual writing in a notebook

Campus Spotlight: Writers House

Love to express yourself through poetry? Interested in crafting a short story that will keep readers on the edge of their seats? No matter your preferred style of writing, you can explore and build your skills as a writer as part of the Writers House community at Case Western Reserve University. 

The Writers House, located in Bellflower Hall, provides support and programming that falls outside the scope of the typical academic and scholarly writing that’s expected at a higher education institution. Through events and other activities, students, faculty and staff can explore more creative writing—fiction, poetry, memoir—and journalism, all surrounded by a community of writers both from across the university and the broader Cleveland community. 

Workshops give members of the Writers House the chance to dig into their own work, receive tips and advice, and respond to writing prompts. Meanwhile, other events allow students, faculty and staff the opportunity to hear from seasoned writers.

The Writers House is also home to the New Gutenberg Annex, a moveable print type lab and book arts workshop. According to the facility’s website, the workshop allows members to experience the art of letterpress printing, thereby witnessing the technology that turns words and ideas into physical objects.

The Writers House is led by Director Mary Grimm, associate professor of English, and supported by an advisory committee of faculty members and graduate students.

Want to learn how you can get started as a member? Visit the Writers House website to learn more.