Case Western Reserve University Class of 2022 spells out CWRU on football field

Campus community gives advice to the Class of 2023

Over the next week, the Class of 2023 will learn about their new home: Case Western Reserve University. During Discover Week, the new students will attend various sessions and activities throughout the week to learn more about what to expect, and what the university has to offer.

On Monday, we asked the community what advice and CWRU resources the new students should know about to help them navigate the next stage of their lives.

From Thwing Tuesdays (University Program Board’s weekly series giving out free food to students) to University Technology (which helps with technology-related services), there is a lot students should know about.

Below are some of the answers we got to this week’s questions (edited for clarity and length):

  • University Counseling Services is a great resource for maintaining your mental health. School and life can be stressful at college, so going to UCS for help is always a good idea!
  • CWRU sends many more students abroad than the average four-year U.S. university and that is because it is affordable, available and worth it for CWRU students. With programs for every degree plan in a multitude of different locations with a lot of funding available, it’s no wonder CWRU nearly doubles the national average of students who study abroad. Make sure to take advantage of this great opportunity and don’t miss the chance to do something more and bigger in your four years at CWRU! (Learn about education abroad.)
  • Kelvin Smith Library staff members are there to help you out! Take advantage of their expertise in order to succeed in your studies.
  • Learn and understand CampusGroups, where they can see all the groups on campus, get resources, find a huge calendar of events and so much more.
  • Be open to changing your major or not knowing what you want to do. Talk to a professor you like, even if they aren’t in the field you want to pursue, or talk to your navigator.
  • CWRU is excited to welcome international students from around the world to campus! The Center for International Affairs and International Student Services (ISS) provide a variety of events and programs to help international students adjust to life at CWRU and be successful. The International Student Success Series is an extension of orientation programming and is designed to help international students transition, better understand the social and academic culture at CWRU, and prepare for their careers. Success Series events are posted on the ISS CampusGroups page. CWRU also offers a cultural event series that includes three major holidays from some of our international students’ home countries.
  • A lot of people study at Kelvin Smith Library, but it isn’t the best place to work. Take time to wander and explore the campus for places, because they do exist.
  • Internship search workshops at the Post Graduate Planning and Experiential Education office will give great tips for finding jobs for the summer. The Flora Stone Mather Center for Women is a great environment to do work, get free coffee and meet great people! LaunchNET is a cool place to learn about entrepreneurship opportunities alongside your studies.
  • The best meal for a special swipe is three tacos, a bag of tortilla chips, a cup of guacamole and a drink from Tomlinson Marketplace.