Case Western Reserve University Class of 2022 spells out CWRU on football field

By the numbers: Meet the Case Western Reserve University Class of 2022

Case Western Reserve University Class of 2022 spells out CWRU on football field

Cars have been unloaded, boxes are (somewhat) unpacked, and parents and families have said goodbye to their new college students. Earlier this week, we officially welcomed approximately 1,390 students to the Case Western Reserve campus as members of the Class of 2022—the largest incoming class in the university’s history.

Next Monday, these new students will embark on their journey toward earning their degrees; as of now, they have plans to major in 64 different areas of study.

Before they get started in the classroom, though, our first-year students will get to know one another, campus and Cleveland at New Student Orientation this week.

Over the next four years, we also will have the opportunity to get to know them. For now, we put together a quick breakdown of the Class of 2022 by the numbers to help you get started.

How they got here

Case Western Reserve University admissions staff and volunteers attended 396 college fairs and visited 937 high schools around the world to meet prospective members of the Class of 2022.

Meanwhile, 8,009 students and their families went on campus visits at Case Western Reserve.

A record 26,646 students applied to Case Western Reserve, with the admissions team reviewing 58,522 transcripts and 89,106 letters of recommendation.

Ultimately, fewer than 30 percent of applicants were offered admission—and those who arrived on campus this week comprise one of the most academically accomplished incoming classes in Case Western Reserve history.

Where they’re from

The Class of 2022 represents more than 760 hometowns. They graduated from 991 high schools, with their largest graduating class at more than 1,800 and the smallest with just three. Additionally, 54 percent of students in the class are the only ones to come to CWRU from their high schools this year.

More than 20 percent of our new students are citizens of another country, representing 50 different nations.

Regionally, they come from the following areas:

  • 13 percent from outside the United States;
  • 13 percent from Western and Southwestern states;
  • 24 percent from middle Atlantic states;
  • Five percent from New England;
  • Nine percent from the South;
  • 14 percent from the Midwest; and
  • 18 percent from Ohio.

How they got involved in high school

  • Volunteering: 77 percent
  • Sports: 67 percent
  • Arts: 56 percent
  • Part-time job: 40 percent
  • Student government: 22 percent

What else you should know

  • The most common names of members of the Class of 2022 are Ryan, Matthew, Alexander, Emily, Sarah and Hannah.
  • The most common birth month is May, while the least common is April.
  • Ten percent of students have had family members attend CWRU, while 10 percent are the first in their family to attend college.
  • One in four students spoke a first language other than English; in all, the Class of 2022 speaks 50 different languages.

“Our job in the admission office is not to simply find students who will get good grades,” Bob McCullough, dean of undergraduate admission and assistant vice president for enrollment, said at the welcome event Monday. “It’s to find those students who will take full advantage of the opportunities here, who will transform Case Western Reserve and the world around them, and whose intellectual and human curiosity, and respect for one another, will foster an environment where all students can achieve their potential.

“Looking out at the Class of 2022 assembled here,” he continued, “I am confident that we have each chosen well.”