Build resilience and improve your outlook with Wellness Program series

Take time out to practice meditation and other stress management skills this spring with one of two series from the Wellness Program. Faculty and staff are invited to try a 12-week experiential course, “E.A.S.E. Into Peace of Mind,” on Tuesdays at noon via Zoom. Each week, participants will learn techniques to dial down the stress and be in the peaceful present.

Another series starting this month, “Gratitude, Compassion, Forgiveness: Meditations on the Heart,” will take place via Zoom on Mondays at 12:30 p.m. Along with sharing research about the benefits of gratitude-based meditation, each class includes simple seated and standing stretches along with breathing techniques for relaxation to prepare the mind, body and heart for meditation.

The wellness team reminds faculty and staff that self-care is important, especially in these pandemic times.

Details and registration information are available on the wellness website.