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“Bridging the Divide in Greater University Circle: Lessons from South Africa”

Roelf Meyer and Mohamed Bhabha, two key leaders in the negotiations to end apartheid in South Africa, will speak to Greater University Circle institutions and community members to share their lessons learned and discuss how to bridge divides toward greater democracy and stronger communities.

Titled “Bridging the Divide in Greater University Circle: Lessons from South Africa,” their talk will be held Thursday, Jan. 26, from 3:30 to 5 p.m. in Mandel Center, Room 115. It is free and open to the public.

Meyer is known for his role as the South African government’s chief representative in the 1993 negotiations to end apartheid and establish a democratic country. He served in the cabinet of President Nelson Mandela, and later became secretary-general of the National Party. He co-founded the United Democratic Movement in 1997. Meyer has consulted on international peace processes in Kosovo, Myanmar, Northern Ireland and Rwanda. 

Bhabha is a former member of Parliament, an attorney and an experienced negotiator. He was part of the African National Congress team at the Convention for a Democratic South Africa, and later as part of the agreements on the final South African Constitution. Bhabha has worked on transitional and constitutional support projects in Kenya, South Sudan, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Yemen, Palestine, Bahrain and Zimbabwe.

Mark Chupp, co-director of Case Western Reserve University’s Social Justice Institute and director of the CWRU Community Innovation Network, and Barbara Wilcher-Norton, Neighbor to Neighbor community advocate, will co-lead this discussion.

The Social Justice Institute, the Office of Local Government and Community Relations, the Community Innovation Network, Beyond Conflict, Civic Genius and YOUnify will sponsor this event.

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