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Box users: Make sure latest versions of applications are installed; file size limit increased

Users of Box at Case Western Reserve University should note two updates to the secure data storage service.

In line with University Technology’s ([U]Tech) mission to provide and improve upon high levels of service to the campus community, the division has worked with to increase the individual file size limit for CWRU users.

The limit has been increased from 5Gb to 15Gb. This change has been implemented, so users should already see their increased limit.

Additionally, Box has notified CWRU that the university’s users of Box applications—Box Drive, Box Sync and custom applications, in particular—should make sure they have the latest versions installed by Monday, Nov. 12. On that date, users of older versions may experience issues due to the software’s non-compliance with a certain security protocol.

Most users should have been automatically upgraded, or have been and will continue to be prompted by Box to upgrade. Users of customized versions of Box applications may need to download and install an upgrade.

More information is available on the [U]Tech website.

For assistance with any technology product or service at Case Western Reserve University, contact the [U]Tech Service Desk at or 216.368.4357 (HELP) or visit