Doctor showing a patient something on a tablet

Biometric screening available to faculty and staff

Each year, more than 2,000 faculty and staff take a few minutes in the fall for a screening that gives a snapshot of their health status. Many Wellness participants share that they love seeing the year-over-year data, which helps them stay on track, or get back on track with a healthy lifestyle.

This year, due to the pandemic, the Wellness Program cannot bring the screeners to campus. But faculty and staff can participate at a Quest Patient Service Center (PSC).

“I just wanted to mention how easy Quest Diagnostics made scheduling this!” Becky Weihrouch shared this week.

Faculty and staff can make an appointment by logging onto the Quest website, then into their account. Select “make an appointment” and “at a PSC.” New participants will use registration key: CWRU.

Becky added: “I hope people don’t let the idea (that going to a PSC is a challenge) during COVID keep them from making the appointment.”

Those who value this annual screening can find more details on the wellness website.

For 2021 wellness participation, faculty and staff simply need to enroll in a Benelect health plan, and complete the Health Risk Assessment. Then complete two of three other activities: the biometric screening, Primary Care Provider Attestation and/or Tobacco Attestation.

Learn more about your health and earn a little money with the CWRU Wellness Program.