Anant Madabhushi, the F. Alex Nason professor II of biomedical engineering and director of the Center for Computational Imaging and Personalized Diagnostics, was awarded U.S. patent 9,851,421 titled “Differential Atlas for Cancer Characterization.”

The described invention provides methods and apparatus associated with producing a quantification of differences associated with biochemical recurrence (BcR) in a region of tissue demonstrating prostate cancer.

One example apparatus includes a set of logics, and a data store that stores a set of magnetic resonance (MR) images acquired from a population of subjects. The set of logics includes:

  • An image acquisition logic that acquires a diagnostic image of a region of tissue in a patient demonstrating prostate cancer;
  • A morphology logic that extracts a shape feature, a volume feature, or an intensity feature from the diagnostic image or from a member of the set of MR images;
  • A differential atlas construction logic that constructs a statistical shape differential atlas from the set of MR images; and
  • A quantification logic that produces a quantification of differences based on the shape feature, the volume feature, or the intensity feature, and the differential atlas.

The co-inventor is Mirabela Rusu, a former postdoctoral fellow of Madabhushi’s and currently an assistant professor of radiology at Stanford University.