Bioethics’ Stuart Youngner co-edits book on Dutch practice of physician-assisted death

Stuart J. Youngner, the Susan E. Watson Professor and chair of the Department of Bioethics, recently co-edited a book on the practice of physician-assisted death in Amsterdam. The book, Physician-Assisted Death in Perspective: Assessing the Dutch Experience, is co-edited by University of Amsterdam’s Gerrit K. Kimsma and published by Cambridge University Press.

It is the first comprehensive report and analysis of the Dutch euthanasia experience across the last three decades, and it analyzes empirical data and real-life clinical behavior. Leading Dutch scholars and clinicians who shaped euthanasia policy; who have studied, evaluated and helped regulate it; and some who have even practiced it, wrote essays for the book.

The purpose of the book is to advance the understanding of euthanasia among advocates and opponents of the practice.

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